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Is Kadyrov a successor of Putin?


Once as I was approaching my block I have noticed some guys over forty cheerfully buzzing beer and loudly discussing Ukraine current events. Among funky noise, picturing “brutal fascists in Kiev”, I have highlighted one pathetic phrase, said by short-haired bullyboy: “Ramzan is a good fellow!”. And this statement was catch up by others and supported with subsequent chin-chin… And I started to size up the issue, thinking that any propaganda has defined goals. Fairly often it could finally surpass all expectations feel like to abuse “Jewish- Fascist Junta in Kiev” they finally switched to promotion of Ramzan Kadyrov.

Year or two ago nobody could imagine, that actually every news event, connected with Ukraine issue, would be commented with direct involvement of Chechnya leader. Moreover recently everybody had an opportunity to witness a new “tandem”. On the recent so called “Anti-maidan” meetings  we have encountered new banners with Putin and by now Kadyrov, instead of Putin and Medvedev. And it is declared that these “twins” are nothing short of new Russia Saviors.


What if Kadyrov is a real Savior? Many of you really come up through the ranks in army to be a general being 30 years old and being a honoree of the“Medal of Hero of Russia”? Or many of you are already young participants of Russian Academy of Sciences? Many of you have an integral region in absolute possession with a budget enough to build own Little-El-Riad (or, maybe you can do it as Courchevel)? So you won’t argue that it is a considerable person, since he has so many insignia, money and publicity. This is a point to the fact that Ramzan is the Kremlin Project. The same as Chechnya to be an integral part of Russia was a Master Narrative of the nation, so in the same manner he is prepared to be announced as a successor of Vladimir Putin. 


What is the point for Mr.Putin to have such successor? It’s simple. Putin’s power based on three main props: people (more specifically “sheeple”), business homies, and Chechens with their leader Ramzan Kadyrov. Business-friends, or so called “budget oligarchs”, are not currently in good shape, while macro economical environment is getting worse along with tightening-up of sanctions. If Russia goes bankrupt, they won’t be able to help. This is the first point.

There is no sense to discuss “sheeple”.For instance, if TV declares Putin to be a public enemy, and that during the whole time he was juggling and robbing people, the only reaction you will see will be hawing about “We were deceived again”. This is the second point.

So there is nothing left for it but to rely on faithful (in words) Nakhs (Chechens). Whatever if it is illogical, defies common sense and history. Indeed the fear of the person dominates the reasonableness and rationality.

It seems, Kadyrov is already received a wink to start preparing for an enthronement. Kadyrov is Putin’s successor. Otherwise, how is it possible to explain that Kadyrov is “the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral, and the baby at every christening”. For instance, Nemtsov’s murder issue. Is there anybody else, except Kadyrov, who declared that the murder was carried out by foreign intelligence agencies (just outside Kremlin walls)? With the assumption that every inch in this area is monitored by Federal Security Guard Service. However, analyzing Kadyrov’s smarts is the same thing as trying to analyze Pinocchio’s metabolism. Having this in mind it makes sense to assume that it is Ramzan, being enthusiastic about eventual advance in office, who tries to thank his boss in advance. “No matter how hard they tried to make it look like a wedding nevertheless it looked like a funeral.” Truly speaking the net result is that Ramzan Kadyrov has received “Order of Honour”  from Putin, eventually for sons of Russia, that now are suspects of Nemtsov murder.

Well, in such manner it will be enough two new PR-events in connection with war in Ukraine and everything will be ready to announce a brand new “Collector of Russian Dominions”, “New Stalin” and, dammit, “New Genghis Khan”! It will be “ New Russian Realm” under green Chechnya flags and with motto “In the name of Allah” – it seems to be our tomorrow, however eventually already present day.

If you think about prospects of Russia with Kadyrov as a leader with support of his mountain knights without fear and blame, it’s impossible to accept notorious elusive memory effect. It seems, everybody forgot the statement that “I have killed the first Russian when I was 16…”, about participation in armed bandit groups, or “emprises” with beheading of Russian captives, about acts of terrorism in big cities, etc. It appears that everybody do not remember Chechen cutthroats, walking around Moscow with Stechkin machine-gun on the belt and powerful ID’s, allegedly representing some powerful security structures. Or crimes, where Chechen in any way are always discharged under the Law, like our Law is same as codes of the underworld. Remember Kondopoga, Stavropol’. Nobody keeps this in mind.

So you’ve got a chance to remember. Although it seems that our beer buzzers remember this only within their last five minutes before being beheaded as cattle over the matter of non-conformity with concepts of Nakh great nation. “Ramzan is a good fellow!” with a smile on their… necks. I don’t  overestimate calling such people cattle, because only cattle can hoover such information about false titled people being academics and national heroes.

Somebody can further believe that Ramzan could build some new empire and eventually would respect Russian traditions and etc. But in this case you should share with him you wife, sister and anything else in order to support holy goals! Needless to say that any opposition to your lord is a sin from viewpoint of any decent Christian, as it is said in Bible: “Any Power given by God and by the will of God”.

One more thing: every patriot  should be warned, that admiration of harsh boys from Caucasus is a first sign of suppressed passive homosexuality.

Broadly that’s right: “Ramzan - good fellow-our president! Kadyrov is successor of Putin!”. Barely forget about any kind of secular education, only military training and Islamic basics. Sometimes short lessons of Russian language and Math (if Chechen academics don’t mind). Forget about any medical care. And indeed, be careful drinking beer or you can have your hands cut-off under Sharia law or some other highlanders reasons, who knows… However, there is one positive point – finally our citizens will stop drinking alcohol, because Ramzan-Knan requires only healthy soldiers to support his great empire and HIMself!


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